Design Specification for Walkie-Talkie App

App Name:



Coordinate aims to revolutionize event communication between organizers and volunteers (those on the field) by leveraging the capabilities of smartphones in real-time communication and providing a sleek and user-friendly interface for seamless interaction.

Core Features

  1. Hold to Talk: Implement an intuitive "Hold to Talk" feature allowing users to initiate and terminate voice communication with a tap-and-hold gesture. But ensure it’s a time-limited (within a 30-second timeframe) to keep communication concise and focused.

  2. Dark Mode Toggle: Integrate a Dark Mode toggle to enhance user experience in various lighting conditions and reduce eye strain during low-light situations.

  3. Create, Join a Channel: Develop a user-friendly interface for creating new channels, joining an existing one, and completing it with an option to generate a QR code for quick and convenient sharing with others.

  4. Implement a secure password entry mechanism: This ensures that only authorized individuals can access sensitive conversations.

  5. Add a Video Stream: Incorporate a feature to seamlessly add a video stream (not more than 30 seconds) to ongoing conversations. It’s added as though it’s a chat message so Channel members can go back to watch the video.

  6. Show a List of People in the Channel (Plus Roles):

    Display a clear and organized list of participants in the channel, providing users with instant visibility into who is actively engaged in the conversation.

  7. Admin Features (Boot and Mute):

    Integrate administrator controls allowing designated users to manage the channel effectively, including the ability to boot or mute participants when necessary.

  8. Toggle Availability On and Off:

    Design a toggle switch for users to easily set their availability status, indicating whether they are open to receiving communications or prefer privacy.

Design Principles

Prioritize a minimalist and intuitive design to ensure accessibility for users of all technical backgrounds. Optimize for a responsive design to guarantee a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes.

User Flow

Outline a clear user flow for each feature to ensure a straightforward and intuitive experience, reducing the learning curve for new users.

Visual Elements

Utilize a modern and cohesive colour palette, aligning with the overall theme and ensuring visual appeal. Implement clear and intuitive icons for each feature, promoting easy recognition and navigation. Follow Google’s Material Design Principles.


Incorporate accessibility features, such as text-to-speech support and adjustable font sizes, to make the app inclusive for users with diverse needs.

Comprehensive Documentation

Provide comprehensive documentation for developers and users, including a user manual and developer guide, to ensure effective implementation and use of the Coordinate app.