Monday AMA Session - GDSC Career Week

Monday AMA Session - GDSC Career Week

Standing on the Shoulders of Giant

Solo Feats like figuring out things on your own, solving problems without assistance, learning through trial and error, achieving goals solely through personal effort, and taking on tasks single-handedly are only great in movies.

In reality, they are inefficient and ineffective ways to accomplish anything.

Great accomplishments, such as groundbreaking scientific discoveries, innovative technological advancements, and successful business ventures, often come from collaboration and teamwork.

Great achievements are a result of standing on the shoulders of giants.

People before have figured this and it's why patents are granted to innovators and entrepreneurs with the hope that they will share their full recipes with us. This way, we avoid repeating the same mistakes they've made and focus our efforts more effectively on things that move the needle.

This is what we are trying to achieve with the AMA session that's holding on Monday, the 24th of June, 2024

It's themed:


It's a Panel session consisting of Students just like you and I.

Their area of specialization cuts across various fields such as Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Product Design, Blockchain Development, and Cybersecurity.

I say they are like you and me because they have diverse backgrounds all the way from the Arts, to the Sciences, and even to the Business Department. So it's not only "Engineering guys". This is all to show you that everything is possible

On our panel list, we have:

  1. Paul Asaolu [Software Engineer]

  2. Evergreen Odeh [Product Designer]

  3. Ivy Elebesunu [Onchain Developer]

  4. Saheed Azeez [ML Engineer]

  5. Caleb Jesukariwe [Blockchain Developer]

  6. Sumayya Adegbite [Mobile Application]

These individuals have successfully navigated the job search process multiple times. They have not only landed their first jobs but have repeatedly done so while fine-tuning their approach. So we think they have a thing or two to share.

Our goal is that you learn from their experiences so that you can create an effective roadmap for your own job search journey and career.

What we want you to achieve

We hope that you gain valuable insights into the nuances of job hunting in various industries through the strategies and techniques they employed.

We also hope that their stories illuminate the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and continuous self-improvement which are critical characteristics needed in today's time.

You will discover how to craft a compelling resume, ace interviews, and leverage networking opportunities to your advantage. Additionally, their experiences will shed light on how to overcome common obstacles, such as dealing with rejections and navigating career transitions.

This is an in-person event, and there's a lot to learn, so I will be there. I hope to see you there too. Until then, get ready to learn, be inspired, and take the first step towards your future career!

Daniel Asaboro,
Co-Lead, GDSC Unilag