A Brief Overview: How It All Fits In

  • Saturday Study Jams (The Study Groups)

  • Fireside Chat with Experts (Speaker Series)

  • The Walkie-Talkie App (The Final Project)

While they all seem like different initiatives, they all drive towards the same goal: Empowering GDSC community members with the necessary technical skills to succeed in the real world.

And it all begins with the Saturday Study Jams.

But the Saturday Study Jams is only a product of the Study Groups.

So a quick overview of the Study Groups

It's a WhatsApp group where people with similar interests gather, can ask questions from their peers, and collaborate to achieve a goal.

All four major tracks in GDSC

  • UI/UX

  • Mobile

  • BackEnd

  • FrontEnd

…have their Study Groups.

Then on a Saturday, a speaker is selected to discuss a specific topic following the curriculum designed for the study groups.

That Saturday is what we call the Saturday Study Jams.

I found something interesting

If you look at the end goal for all tracks, you will realize it's track-specific.

  • For Frontend, it's a static site that responds to user changes.

  • For Mobile, it's a Todo App incorporating all CRUD operations.

  • And for the Backend track, it's building a CRUD REST API.

There's nothing wrong with that.

The only thing is that, while these projects are great for learning purposes, they don't reflect the intricacies of a real-world software development process. Few applications are backend, mobile, or frontend specific!

In reality, many applications integrate frontend, mobile, and backend components, emphasizing the interdependence of these skills. We all need each other.

This is the gap the Final Project fills!

The Final Project

It's designed to give participants across all study groups a comprehensive experience that mirrors the collaborative nature of real-world projects, where frontend, mobile, and backend expertise converge to create a unified solution.

And so we came up with a Walkie-Talkie app for Event Management (Read more here)

Everything starts with the UI/UX Team

Based on our observations and interviews, we came up with a set of product specifications and requirements that the application must fulfil (Details in this sheet)

The UI/UX team carefully goes through the specifications to fill in the other gaps to ensure we are on the right track. Then they pass the baton to the development team after they do their magic and the design is ready to roll.

That's how the focus shifts to the Backend Team

The backend crew will handle the authentication (that's Authn), authorization (that's AuthZ), and the whole registration flow.

Plus, they've got the technical finesse to manage the streaming of voice, keeping recordings in check for backup purposes and catering to our premium users who will have access to an Admin Dashboard (that should come after everything is set)

Let us not forget our friends in Frontend

They've got a dual role:

  1. Crafting a slick marketing site to showcase our project to the world and

  2. Whipping up an admin panel which is the backstage manager, allowing users to smoothly handle and organize various rooms/channels without breaking a sweat. Lots of work here, but also a learning experience.

So where does Fireside Chat with Experts fit in all of these?

While the Study groups and Saturday Study Jams are all about diving into the nitty gritty of coding, the Fireside Chat with Experts is where things get a bit more laid back.

Ancient Fireside is where wisdom and knowledge get passed down from the Elders (people who have been there, done that) to the younglings. We will bring in the seasoned pros, the industry wizards — to step into the spotlight, share insights, drop knowledge bombs, and provide a sneak peek into the real-world scenarios that might not come up in our day-to-day coding life.

It's less about the specifics of a project or coding challenge and more about getting inspired, gaining insights into the industry, and maybe even finding some mentorship along the way.

So, whether you're knee-deep in UI/UX, slinging code in the backend, or making things look sleek on mobile or the web, the Fireside Chat is the pit stop where everyone gathers around the virtual fire, swapping stories and gaining a broader understanding of the tech landscape

It's a blend of unique flavour and I'm here for it.

Are you?